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Teach English in China – 23.11.17 Checkland Foyer

A guest blog from Pioneer & Beyond – TEFL opportunities in China

How do you fancy a never ending journey of self- discovery, learning and lifetime adventures? Read on to find out how you can have an “out of the box” experience in China!

We at Pioneer & Beyond can help you tap into China as you develop skills to teach English as a Foreign Language.  We are alumni of Brighton and Sussex universities so are very excited to meet you and share our experiences – why not come & say hello:

When: Thursday 23 November 12 – 2pm

Where: Checkland Building on the Falmer Campus

China has been growing at the rate of knots with developments in architecture, mode of travel and the night life in Beijing now rivals that of New York and London. There is no doubt that China has joined the list of wealthy countries and has become not only a holiday option but a country worth working in.

Meanwhile – here are some useful tips for you as you think about your next steps into employment:

Putting your curriculum vitae together is no easy thing! It’s the biggest challenge we all have and it takes years of knowing who you are, developing abilities and skills that will make you stand out from the crowd.

The employment and economic climate is for ever changing. Imagine a world now without Social Media and globalisation!  Fully embrace these chances and you can really take advantage of the opportunities on offer around the world.

So what is the secret of keeping yourself in demand and employed?

  • Finding the need in the market
  • Developing the skills to meet that need and keeping those skills up to date
  • Making sure you’ll be hard to replace!

Good luck and see you in China!



Grainne Sinclair • 20/11/2017

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