Volunteering in HUMANITIES – new Active Student publication for 2017-18!

A taster of humanities related volunteering opportunities. Add to your CV, complement your degree, network and get involved with your local community. Active Student helps University of Brighton students and staff to find and apply for local, rewarding, safe and supported volunteering opportunities that will enhance your professional and personal development and positively impact the community.

Click on the following link to access the November 2017 edition: Active Student – Volunteering in HUMANITIES v. November 2017-2fj8p55 or you can pick up a copy from the Student Centre in Grand Parade Building.

Many volunteering opportunities included with NHS Support Federation, Possability People, Sussex Pathways, Council for Assisting Refugee Academics and more

Volunteering is a great way to enhance your university life, gain key employability skills, experience life outside of university and meet people – so take a look at what opportunities are out there for you!

Tel: 01273 644145
Email: volunteering@brighton.ac.uk
Web: brighton.ac.uk/volunteer …from here you can search the Vacancy Service database for a range of opportunities in a variety of work sectors
Visit: Your campuses’ Student Centre or Active Student Volunteering Service office in Student Services.


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Kat Saunders • 03/11/2017

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