Can you help create a colourful and inviting space that will welcome our clients? Front of House Art Work Volunteer – Job Centre Plus in Hove

Front of House Art Work Volunteer – Job Centre Plus in Hove, Department for Work and Pensions

Can you help us transform our dreary uninspiring front of house space into something that reflects the vibrant cosmopolitan atmosphere of Brighton and Hove? Can you help create a colourful and inviting space that will welcome our clients?

Change is coming to the Jobcentre and we need your help! In October 2017 we will be introducing Universal Credit and our clientele is going to be changing and expanding. We would like to use this opportunity to create a more welcoming and vibrant space for our visitors – the local community – and our staff members.

We are looking for a volunteer (or volunteers) to design and create bespoke canvas artwork which will be displayed in our welcome area.

    The design? Having consulted local residents and our customers, we would like the artwork to reflect Brighton and Hove and its local community. The art work also needs to provide a calming and reasurring atmosphere. We would love to hear your creative ideas on how this could be done!
•    The materials? Canvas frames are a must but we are flexible on what paints or materials can be used on these, so long as it’s within budget! – We will work with any volunteers to ensure budgets are met.
•    The size? The front of house provides a fairly large wall space we can work with, to hang a couple of large canvases or a few smaller ones. We are flexible in that we would like to work with a volunteer (or volunteers) to plan this out.
•    The timeframe? We would like to get started with this project as soon as possible and will work with volunteers to plan and timeline throughout through regular check-ins.

This is a fantastic opportunity to use and practise your artistic skills in a community arts project, and to have your work displayed in a public space with the potential for media coverage at the University of Brighton or elsewhere.

We are eager to hear from people who have lots of enthusiasm and ideas to make this project happen so please get in touch!

Time commitment

Volunteering hours are dependent on the individual and agreed project timelines.

Person requirements

•    Relevant arts experience and skills, working with canvas or similar mediums would be a bonus
•    Enthusiasm for the project and commitment to seeing it through from start to finish
•    The ability to work with Job Centre Plus staff in designing the art work i.e. undergoing consultation with your supervisors and taking direction regarding what is required
•    The ability to work with an external organisation in a professional manner
•    Good communications skills, especially needed for planning, evaluating and consultation work – integral for a community arts project.

About the organisation

Jobcentre Plus is part of the Department for Work and Pensions – a Government body. It pays benefits to people of working age, such as Job Seeker’s Allowance and Working Tax Credits to individuals and families on low incomes. It also provides Work Coaching for members of the local community who are seeking employment, as well as its Work Club and Work Programme initiatives. – All helping people plan, prepare and find work.

Apply or find out more

Applications will only be considered via the Active Student Volunteering Service, so please get in touch by calling 01273 644145 or e-mailing

Kat Saunders • 14/06/2017

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