What Vasilis learnt from his internship ( part 2 ) ….

MSc Business Management graduate Vasilis Gkogkidis did an internship with Gamification+, which lead to full time graduate employment. Here he is sharing his experience of how to make the most of an internship.

True Stories - Bad Hop 

Find something that you are interested in!

I think that most people know what they want to do more or less. The hard part is admitting to yourself what that is and acting to get there. I always wanted to create things. One of my favourite things in life is writing my own music and playing it live. I always gravitated towards creative jobs because I need to create, simple as that. Games are an art that combines a lot of different elements into an interactive piece of software. It’s something that shouts CREATIVITY. So I was naturally drawn to gamification and I took my chance. And it worked! It would never work though if I was not honest with myself or if I wanted to play it safe. I am not saying that you should take huge risks in your career. What I’m saying is, be honest with yourselves on what excites you. That way, your job is not going to be an unbearable thing that you only do because you have to support yourself. Let’s have a look now at what I found out after I started my internship.

Don’t be afraid to ask

What I did during my internship was something completely new to me. I had no idea what I was getting myself into. The first month is basically a blur because of the amount of information I had to take in. A new job is always challenging and scary because you have to get used to the culture, the way people work and probably acquire some new skills really fast. What I decided to do very soon was not be afraid to ask. I would ask anything that I didn’t know or couldn’t figure out on my own.

At the same time, be prepared to write the answer down so you don’t have to ask again. You should always ask what you don’t know or can’t figure out, no one is expecting you to know everything. That’s why it’s called an internship. You are there to learn and get some experience on whatever the job is about. But I also guarantee you that it’s not going to go great if you don’t pay attention to what people say and you don’t actively try to improve.

Read next week’s blog from Vasilis with more tips and advice on how to make the most of an internship.

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