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A portfolio of May Festival 2017 volunteering opportunities in Brighton
Add to your CV, complement your degree, network and get involved with your local arts and performance community

Brighton Fringe 2017 ◊ Information and Participants Hub Assistant Volunteers

Brighton Fringe is the largest arts festival in England. It takes place 5th May – 4th June in 2017. It sets out to stimulate, educate and entertain a wide audience by providing a showcase for diverse art forms. It is a completely open access festival, which means anyone can put on an event. No artistic judgment or selection criteria are imposed on participants, enabling the development of both new and established work to attract fresh audiences, press and promoters.

The role:
Information and Participants Hub Assistants help give out information to the general public, answer general enquiries and assist at the Participants’ Hub; a drop in space for anyone involved in putting on a Brighton Fringe event.

Time commitment:
Week days and weekends, in shifts, between 4hrs long and 6 hrs long, and you can choose to do one shift or as many as you like.

Brighton Fringe 2017 ◊ Fringe City Event Team Volunteers

The role:
Fringe City is an outdoor public event with two stages which showcases free performances from Brighton Fringe events; this takes place on New Road Brighton and in Bartholomew Square. Fringe City takes place every Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday in May. Brighton Fringe seeks volunteers every weekend in May to help produce these events.

Time commitment:
We need volunteers every day from Friday 28th April through to Tuesday 6th June on Thursday, Friday evenings and Saturday and Sunday day times. In shifts, between 4hrs long and 6 hrs long, and you can choose to do one shift or as many as you like.

B.Fest at Brighton Youth Centre Live Events Stewarding, Events Reception, Event Runners, Art Exhibition set up, Running Kitchen, Sound Technicians, Music Event Support, Creative Workshop running support, Publicity Distribution

B.Fest is one of the few dedicated youth arts festivals in Europe. Launching on the 27th May and running for one week from the 27th May – 3rd June, as part of the Brighton Fringe, B.Fest is a cacophony of excellent events, brilliant performances, the best in interactive arts, technology & music workshops and much more. Primarily aimed at young people aged 13-25, B Fest is open to all. Marketing, artist/band selection, venue decisions, planning and every aspect of the festival is led or consulted by young people.

The role:
There are many exciting volunteer roles that need to be filled to help make B.fest great. These include: Live Events Stewarding, Events Reception, Event Runners, Art Exhibition set up, Running Kitchen, Sound Technicians, Music Event Support, Creative Workshop running support, Publicity Distribution.

Time commitment:
•    An induction on May 17th at 7pm
•    Wednesday evenings from 6.30-9.30pm in May to participate in the planning sessions for the events
•    2-8 hrs per day for a minimum of 4-6 days in the period between 25th May -5rd June; this includes 2 days prior and post festival for set up and take down.

O N C A Gallery ◊ Gallery Festival Assistant Volunteer

O N C A is an environmental charity, art gallery and co-working space. Through our programme of exhibitions and events we seek to raise awareness of environmental issues and inspire positive action through the arts.

The role:
Assist the Gallery Manager and O N C A team during Brighton Festival by invigilating exhibitions and events. Help with set-up and take-down, welcome the public, handle ticket enquiries and serve refreshments. Document performances, providing support to artists and helping with social media where necessary. Day-to-day housekeeping.

Time commitment:
Minimum of 6 hrs per week during Brighton Festival in May 2017.

Phoenix Brighton Gallery ◊ Open Studios/Gallery Invigilator Volunteer for Brighton Festival 2017

Phoenix provides 100+ studio spaces, short-term project space for hire by community groups and supports a gallery and education programme which bring together professional artists and the general public in a friendly and creative environment.

The role:
Meet & greet / light café work / runner during our Open Studios weekend 12-14th May. To act as front of house during our exhibitions. Tallying visitors, surveying visitors, assistance with set-up and close down of exhibition.

Time commitment:
Flexible, no minimum.

Ditchling Museum of Art + Craft ◊ Gallery Assistant Volunteer

The museum holds an internationally important collection of work by the artists and craftspeople who were drawn to the village, including the sculptor, wood engraver, type-designer and letter-cutter Eric Gill, the calligrapher Edward Johnston (responsible for the famous Johnston typeface used for London Underground), the painter David Jones, the printer Hilary Pepler and the weaver Ethel Mairet.

The role:
We are looking for gallery assistants to work alongside a new exhibition entitled Eric Gill: The Body. This exhibition poses the question: Is it possible to appreciate Gill’s depiction of the human form when we know the disturbing nature of some of his sexual conduct? Because of the emotional and disturbing nature of this exhibition the museum is looking for people who have experience of working with the public and are interested in museums, galleries, art history or social theory.

Time commitment:
May-August 2017 (short term availability and flexibility offered). Flexible shifts to suit availability: 10.15am-2pm or 1.45-5.30pm Tuesday-Sunday (minimum of one shift a week). 1-4 months volunteering overall.

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