Beware of myths when it comes to career options


When it comes to graduating and looking for a job beware of people who tell you with absolute certainly that this happens or that is the case. In my role as a Career Development Adviser  (CDA)  I hear students say they have been told , ‘ A graduate  scheme won’t suit you because they specialise too early and can narrow your options’ or ‘With that degree you can only do this or that’.  ‘Or you will never get in there because  my cousin works there and says they only take Oxbridge people…’ ‘Or industry isn’t for Arts graduates’.

There may sometimes be a tiny grain of truth  in what people say but take much of it with a pinch of salt and don’t be put off. Think for yourself, research and investigate  opportunities and even go so far as to start applying , if it’s something you like the look of and can imagine yourself doing the job well.

To counter some of the myths that can seem like facts…

There are many graduate schemes and some specialise and some are more general, so look carefully at them at them to see what they offer and if and what would suit you. Some have specific closing dates but some will still be recruiting.

The exact figure varies from year to year but around 60-70% of employers are seeking  graduates with any degree so there  is a huge range of opportunities on offer. They seek graduates who have skills in communication, teamwork and problem solving which are covered on all degree courses in some way.

Don’t just take the  idea of  Oxbridge graduates getting the best jobs or at least challenge it.. some of our university of Brighton graduates have really excelled  in their chosen field. Many employers are open minded too and will look at very good applications, the key is to take time and effort to show what you are capable of. And yes there are lots of roles within industry for Arts graduates.

Even though people with the degree you are studying for have done this or that and this can be very helpful to look at this but don’t be limited by this and feel pigeon holed…go and find something you would like to do.  For more help on making successful applications go to the university of Brighton careers website.

Or book into see a CDA/Employment Adviser at one of one of our campuses.

They can help in all sorts of ways, thinking through and generating ideas and helping you plan what you need to do next.

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Pamela Coppola • 27/04/2017

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