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Had an interview that didn’t go quite right? Unsure where you went wrong? Take heart that there can’t be many  people who have got every job they ever applied for . Practice makes perfect, though you need feedback to help you make adjustments too. The first thing you should do is take the employer up on their offer of feedback, often it’s just one question you could have answered differently. Next up get some practice in. Interviews are for most of us completely nerve-racking  but the more used to them and the better prepared you are the easier it will get. At the careers service we currently are offering additional mock interview practice sessions at times that suit you. You don’t have to have an interview lined up or have  had one recently,  think of it as an opportunity to get some practice in before you apply for  a job you really want, that way you’ll make your mistakes at a time when it doesn’t matter.

You can find out more information by calling into the careers centre on the first floor of Manor House or contact us on 01273 642855 or . Don’t forget to leave us a contact telephone number so that we can get back  to you.

mock interviews

Fiona Langdon • 20/03/2017

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