How to get the job you want…and lose it right away

Continuing our theme of careers advice mashups, here’s the Business School on how to ace a job interview and land your dream job, followed by Future Rising with their foolproof guide to losing that same job in the first month. Yes, we really are doing this. Read on…

gettyimages - medalla On 28 February, Sarah Barker from Barker Talent came onto campus to advise second-year BSc Finance and Investment students (of whom you may be one) on how to get the job they want – via securing work experience and knowing *exactly* how to score a perfect 10 in a job interview. No prizes for guessing that preparation (knowing the employer and the job) were a major part of this, but did you ever consider researching your interviewer too? Read the full write up on the event on the BBS blog, and find out more about how to research your interviewer via LinkedIn.



Tapping a PencilZipping ahead a few weeks and, following the stellar interview performance you’ve graciously accepted the job offer and are now in post. Does your third week ‘To Do’ list look like this?

  1. Turn up late a lot.
  2. Take too many personal calls.
  3. Blame someone else for everything.

If so, I probably wouldn’t bother updating your LinkedIn profile. You won’t be staying around. Hollie Wong has written a great piece for Future Rising on How To Get Fired From Your Job with these and many other tips on how to stand out in The Worst Possible Way. Check it out at

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Paul Rothwell • 10/03/2017

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