International Women’s Day 2017


Today is International Women’s Day and I have just learnt that in many countries it’s a public holiday and women get small gifts . Sadly not here.  Four decades after the Equal Pay Act the UK still has a gender pay gap of 18.1 % , higher than the EU average. Catherine Rickard from the Institute of employment studies writes in her blog piece of the need for further action to close the gap and of how Lewisham council have moved towards a near equal gender mix at the top of their organisation. The IES also have two other related blogs today , Older women at work: doubly disadvantaged? and  Women, work and caring: unspoken expectations and stifled careers.




On a more positive note the Guardian’s careers section has two inspiring articles, the first is careers advice from successful women across a variety of sectors  and the second is about women leading local government , the importance of diversity and how a good mentor can help with your career.



TrowelBlazers is a site dedicated to raising the profile of women working in archaelogy, geology and palaentology. It takes suggestions for modern day TrowelBlazers to feature as well as all those unsung women who remain (excuse the pun) largely buried in the past.

If anyone has useful resources they’d like to share relating to women and careers we’d love to check them out!









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Fiona Langdon • 08/03/2017

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