What are THEY saying about YOU? – a wee round up of graduate labour market news and views

Time for another round-up of sweeping generalisations/OMG the sky is falling/happy clappy career opportunity type stories from the world of constructing shaky arguments for a living. And also some interesting points here and there. You’re welcome…
Frightened doll
More than half of graduate employers struggled to fill roles last year – one to think about when someone tries to tell you there are more graduates than jobs, wouldn’t you say? Read more from the good people at Ri5.
Poorer graduates face pay penalty – that is, according to research from Deloitte which looked at data from 300,000 graduates from 2014-15. Not exactly happy news, but we’re not here to sugar coat the news. If it’s any consolation we find this as disgraceful as you (most likely) do…
Self-branding [is] the most important brand – so say Future Rising in a piece of ‘tough love’ advice for all creative industry jobseekers. And they have a point. Read on and take note.
Parliamentary group calls for ban on unpaid internships – and the Chair of the Arts Council calls them ‘the curse of the arts industries’. Blimey. Funny how everyone skirts around the word ‘illegal’, innit? Read on…
Millennials: a lost generation? – watch out here comes Generation Z, apparently. Sigh. Some interesting points on who’s getting hired and why (maybe) from the people at Changing Careers magazine. Page 25 onwards if you don’t feel like browsing.
Millennials ‘juggling careers’ more than any other generation – Watch out Generation Z, the ‘slash culture millennials’ are fighting back!! Do people get *paid* to come up with this stuff? Anyhoo. Interesting stuff about a generation which looks to swap jobs/industries regularly in pursuit of The New Skills. Does that sound like you?
Grads are generally positive on the gig economy; so long as you’re not forced to work in it permanently – Well ‘grads’ (hmmm), what do you think about this? Meaning the premise, not the shocking grammar. Check out the results from Wikijob’s survey of 126 grad(uate)s.

Paul Rothwell • 02/02/2017

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