Do you have an experience you would like to share? Make your voice heard.

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Are you in the process of applying to a company? Or maybe you are already working for them?
If you have feedback to share regarding the experience there are many websites through which to do so.

We’ve narrowed down some of our favourites below. As a bonus, all of these websites offer very useful resources for students and graduates.

  • Glassdoor
    Company reviews and ratings, salary reports, interview questions and more – shared by employees themselves.
  • The Job Crowd
    100s of employers reviewed by employees.
  • Rate my Placement
    Undergraduate placement, internship and work experience reviews.
  • The Student Room
    Profiles of UK employers and professional qualification providers.
  • Target jobs Inside Buzz
    Recent graduate employees give their view on employer culture, training, salary and benefits, and their overall satisfaction.

What’s in it for you?

  1. The opportunity to leave anonymous feedback (more on that below) regarding the application process, working conditions, levels of pay, opportunities for advancement, and management
  2. Feeling good about providing useful information for other job seekers. They may do the same for you one day
  3. Discovering sites with a wealth of online tools and resources that will help you to progress in your career


It is your choice how anonymous you wish to remain when providing feedback. Including some personal information (e.g. your job title etc.) can make your review more useful to users looking at similar roles. However you choose to leave your feedback, always remain polite and professional as it will have much more impact this way.

Steven Sutcliffe • 27/01/2017

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