Is your CV wafer thin?

Delicious treats (hires) We recently ran a blog post on Unpacking Your Skills. You may have read this and either thought, yes I have most of that and can dig out some great evidence  or you may have thought… ‘yikes what do they mean? ‘  or ‘I don’t have any of that!’

If you are in the latter group then really rake through all that you have done.

Start with your current course. Has that given you any opportunities  to develop skills in for example negotiation and  persuading others, working in groups or being innovative? If you are really struggling with identifying skills  talk to your course mates as some discussion may generate memories and encourage new thinking.

Have you worked in a part time or holiday job? Working for example at a fast food restaurant can give you skills in following health and safety, dealing with difficult customers as well as the usual ones such as customer service and handling money.

Volunteering in all kinds of settings will develop lots of key skills  in working with others and also practical skills.

If you are really struggling and think your CV is likely to be very thin, then now is the time to act.

Here are just some ideas to follow and there are lots of opportunities whatever your interests and existing skills. Make this the year you start to get involved and develop your skills.

  • Join a student society and get involved. Can you help with the financial side or provide practical help? You can also set up a new society through the Student Union.
  • Get a job either part time alongside your studies and/or plan ahead for a holiday job.
  • Opt for a year long placement if your course offers this. Talk to the Placement Office in your school.
  • Apply for an  internship or placement over the summer
  • Volunteer through active student
  • Become a STEM ambassador.
  • Join in with Beepurple  who offer help and advice to entrepreneurs

There is lots more on the University of Brighton Careers website on developing skills .

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Pamela Coppola • 24/01/2017

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