Q: What do wellbeing workshops have to do with getting a job? A: Read on…

Strictly speaking, the ‘A:’ is ‘quite a lot actually‘. Not convinced? Keep reading, peeps…

Signs of Concern

What’s more enjoyable than looking for jobs, applying for jobs and going to interviews and assessment centres? Well, for starters I can think of minor surgical procedures that were more fun. Job hunting may be a drag, but for most of us it’s inescapable. A combination of these two inconvenient truths can lead to:

  1. Procrastination – ‘I should check jobs on LinkedIn/Indeed/Adzuna/Gradcracker/Jobs.ac/MudloggersRUs.com etc etc…ehhh, I’ll do it tomorrow’ is a low whine heard throughout the land, see also ‘there’s ages til the deadline, I’ll do the application tomorrow/at the weekend/whenever my wifi goes down’. No good can come of this. We all put stuff off, but there comes a point where you miss deadlines, rush things, make mistakes and sell yourself short. Not good.
    So how about a wellbeing workshop on…
    Procrastination and how to avoid it! This 90 minute workshop aims to put an end to procrastination by sharing techniques to improve motivation, planning and organisation throughout the academic year. We will discuss ways in which you can be more productive with limited time, make a realistic plan and reward yourself for all your hard work. Dates coming up February – May. Book online at http://bit.ly/2iNt1fO
  2. Interview and Presentation-phobia – because who doesn’t like standing in front of a PowerPoint presentation staring at a grim-faced row of suits with clip boards and tick lists? Most of us, apparently. And interviews can be an ordeal for both sides. Nerves can make you forget the best bits of your application, lose focus, ramble and generally sell yourself way short. And it’s no fun for the interviewer watching it happen, neither. You’re on the shortlist because you’re one of the best applicants, as good as anyone else and with an equal shot at nailing the job – you can’t let it slip through your fingers…
    So how about a workshop on how to…
    Communicate with confidence – This 90 minute workshop helps you to develop your communication skills, whether for your course work, placements or future employment. We look at how to communicate effectively by building rapport, developing our listening skills, and boosting our confidence to be at our best when it really matters. Dates coming up February and March. Book online at http://bit.ly/2k7cxEu
  3. Worry and anxiety – all joking aside, we know that the pressure felt by students and graduates to find graduate-level jobs is extreme. Media outlets and their insatiable appetite for flaming clickbait headlines certainly don’t help any. The stress of the recruitment and selection process often adds to this.
    So how about a workshop on…
    Understanding anxiety and dealing with worry -This wellbeing workshop offered by the Brighton and Hove Wellbeing Service uses CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy) techniques to assist in the management of anxiety and worry. Suggested for those students who are experiencing anxiety and would benefit from gaining a better understanding and learning more about anxiety and worry and ways of managing these symptoms. One session currently available at Moulsecoomb on 23 February. Book online at http://bit.ly/2iWIZHU

See what we mean? There’s stuff that can make even the most ideal job candidate flunk the application/selection procedure. As well as the wide range of information and advice available from the Careers Service (you’re welcome) to help you, there’s other good folks in Student Services that offer support to help you show your most fabulous self to best advantage.

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Paul Rothwell • 19/01/2017

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