Nobel Guardian Monster – this year’s Pacific Rim? Not exactly…

Congratulations, you just got clickbaited! *heh* Presenting jobsearch tips and career planning advice from the Nobel Academy, The Guardian and Monster. A round up of wise words from the inbox…

Howdy from Godzilla vs. Megalon

Tweet your way to a new career is a typical clickbait headline (this time from the Guardian) hiding some useful tips on using social media to create your online presence and maximise your jobsearch. Interestingly it also reminds you that social media isn’t the panacea tech-heads might tell you it is – other channels matter too

Interview tips (also via the Guardian): Experts in their field, from a leading neuroscientist to a chief fashion designer and museum director, share first job interview stories and tips for success

Nobel Laureates might not be your first port of call for careers advice, but whether you’re a researcher, Master student or undergraduate they’ve got stuff they think you should know, includes deciding on a career in research and what makes a good post-doc application, and more…and it’s all on You Tube, in between the twerking fails, illegal uploads and cats-do-the-darndest-things compilations. Stay focused now.

Careers advice from retirees – as well as asking your near contemporaries about their experiences, why not ask the people who stayed on the career ride right to the end? Monster did just that, and shared their findings last August at

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Paul Rothwell • 19/01/2017

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