Brighton graduates share their stories attending the Built Environment Fair – as employers…

img_0465You never know who you’ll run into at a University of Brighton Careers Fair. On this occasion Eline and Janet, two Architectural Technology BSc grads who were attending as prepresentatives of their employer, Osborne. Inbetween talking to students and graduates about life as a graduate trainee with Osborne they kindly caved in to our pestering and put pen to paper. The result – two shiny new case studies in which they talk frankly about their student experience and how it prepared them for the graduate job market.

Enough gab from us. Over to the stars of the show to give you the full story…

“My name is Eline and I completed my BSc in Architectural Technology in 2014 and then moved on to an MSc in Project Management for Construction which I completed in 2015. My degrees have definitely helped me get where I am now, both degrees have merged together nicely where I am now able to use the skills I learned during my design degree with the skills learned in my management degree. There are of course still things that university cannot prepare you for, but these are just the things you will have to learn by doing the job and learning the tricks of the trade. The learning never really stops.”

Read more about Eline’s experience of study and graduate employment here.

Janet is currently employed as a Trainee Site Manager with Osborne. “When it came to starting my role I was terrified – I thought I might hate it or not do very well in applying the skills I had learnt at university. That said I now find that my degree has provided me with the foundation of knowledge and skills that can now be built on with experience in the work place.  Right now, my career plan is to continue progressing in my role so that one day I can be in a position where I can train, teach and help a new graduate!”

Read more about Janet’s experience of study and graduate employment here.

Find out more about Janet and Eline’s employer, Osbourne at or follow them on Twitter @OsborneNews.


Paul Rothwell • 05/01/2017

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