Good Advices Christmas Stocking – an end-of-year grab bag of wisdom…

Last chance to get tacky Crimbo references into a post, and before we shut up shop for the break one last helping of ‘did you know…?’ You’re welcome…

beard ornaments 2014Job interviews looming in the new year? If you find a spoonful of ‘celebrity’ makes the careers advice medicine go down then check out Apprentice star (ahem) Claude Littner’s interview tips at 15 minutes with Claude Littner.

It’s peak networking time – so says Changing Careers magazine (throwing up ill-advised tequila shots on your boss’s shoes at the office Xmas party does *not* count) and they have some quality tips on page 10.

Merry Critmas! Looking to get into advertising and want an industry pro to crit your portfolio? In the spirit of the season some of the big names in the business are giving crits away free.

Lying on your CV – what’s the risk? Well, the same as that attached to any act of fraud – and just as illegal. Check out pages 8 – 11 of May’s Changing Careers magazine for more on this.

Everyone goes to uni these days and there are more graduates than graduate jobs… just two of those things that*everyone* knows and which have no basis in fact. See also the thing about different parts of your tongue tasting different things and The Stone Roses ever being good. Anyhoo. Read on and debunk two of the great graduate labour market myths.

How are employers attracting the right graduates? And what makes them ‘right’ in the first place? Read a sample of the employer survey report from the Institute of Employment Studies.

Ever had a ‘what exactly is the point of this?’ moment at work? Meaningfulness is a key factor in motivating employees and improving performance. The Institute of Employment Studies has a two part guest blog from Sussex academic Katie Bailey on this very topic.

…and finally.

What would Christmas be without a good old Top 10/20/50 round up? Well here’s a couple to foment heated debate over the mince pies. Indeed’s Top 50 places to work in the private sector, Glassdoor’s Best places to work 2017 (in which Apple, KPMG and Rolls Royce are all beaten by Nando’s – it’s a funny old world). Both are based on employee votes alone. However, SME employees are the most fulfilled and loyal, says LinkedIn, via Ri5. That’s one to think about while you regret that tenth Ferrero Rocher…

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Paul Rothwell • 21/12/2016

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