What are THEY saying about YOU? More news and views from the graduate labour market.

Once again with the news, views, whatnots and hoo-hah from the world of graduate recruitment, graduate working and Epic Online Gaffs (like *really* not great)…

Most UK cities ‘struggling to attract graduate talent’ – so says a recent article from Ri5. Want to maximise your options? Leave London to the posh kids and aim for more choice and better quality of life in almost any other UK city. Just sayin’…

Graduates who return home after university ‘more likely to be in non-graduate jobs’ – especially if you’re returning to the East of England apparently. Read on…

Goldman Sachs retracts job offer over woman’s sordid past (sic) – nothing like a non-judgemental headline is there? Ugh. Click through for a prime example of why ‘managing your online reputation’ isn’t just something we made up. And then check out our page on Your Online Presence for hints and tips.

Is learning a language while studying the key to a successful career? Seems the majority of UK citizens disagree, since they only speak English – so says this article in a recent Job Crowd newsletter. Could be your chance to plug a gap in the market?

Lessons from London as a young advertising creative – one from the 2015 archive that we should file under ‘what are YOU saying about YOU?’ Future Rising share Hannah’s experience of starting work in advertising up in That London.

The Infamous “Weakness” Question – Back to the Job Crowd’s newsletter, wherein they offer advice on how to deal with that tricky “weakness” interview question.

‘Students lack confidence for a STEM career’ – Four in five students believe a STEM career is only for the brightest people, while over half say they think a STEM role would be too difficult for them. Fair comment or horrendous guff? Read Ri5’s article and make your mind up…

Crumbs, this was a bit of a bleak selection, wasn’t it? Let’s end on a brighter note…

How important is it to do work you love? Changing Careers magazine’s August issue had an interesting article about THE factor to consider in choosing a career, or even just accepting a job offer – is it going to leave you wanting to pull your own head off by 2pm each afternoon? Tip – if this is so you may be in The Wrong Job. Check out the piece on page 18 onwards.

Interesting stuff, eh? Watch out for more advice posts coming up soon.

Paul Rothwell • 01/12/2016

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