What are THEY saying about YOU? Hot topics and rank gossip from the graduate labour market.

Welcome to the first of a new series where we take a look at what going down around the global corporate water cooler, or being bashed out on angry borderline sociopaths’ blogs – the few remaining ones who aren’t being lined up for jobs at the White House, that is. Moving on…

Girls and boys

Graduation selfies: student warning against degree fraud – evidence is emerging that fraudsters are using social media to copy students’ degree certificates and use them for illegal purposes.

We’ve all been there – why it’s okay not to know what you want to do after you leave university, from Future Rising.

*Toolkit launched to protect recruiters against CV lies – Prospects’ Higher Education Degree Datacheck (HEDD) is working to protect businesses from applicants who lie about their qualifications to land a job.

*Young people ‘not prepared for office politics’ – office politics is the aspect of working life that young people are least prepared for when starting their first job, according to research by the Co-op.

*Young people (yes, them again) ‘not focusing on the right factors’ for career growth – there is a disconnect between what young professionals think they should be doing for career growth and what employers would recommend. Apparently.

*2016’s ‘most in-demand skills’ revealed – LinkedIn has revealed the most in-demand technical and soft skills for 2016, based on recruitment activity across the site during the year to date.

*Lack of suitable candidates is the main challenge for recruiters –   according to research published by recruitment software provider Eploy. There may be 100 applicants for your dream job (*highly* debatable) but no-one’s saying they’re any good…

*Ri5 login required to access these stories, but registration is free and there’s lots of good stuff.

Job candidates lose out through lack of soft skills – check out the article on Page 6 of Changing Careers magazine for more info.

Can your career survive an inter-office fling? – office dating may seem like a good idea, but can be a seriously risky business. Advice from The Job Crowd.

Not bad for a first helping, if I say so myself. Stay tuned for *lots* more…

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Paul Rothwell • 23/11/2016

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