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As a student, you are probably thinking almost constantly about your next steps after university. Today we’re conditioned to do online research, whether it’s your next big purchase like a smart phone or a tablet, or just picking a restaurant for yourself and your friends on Friday night. But when we start to research future employers, it often feels like stepping back in time.

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These frustrations, unfortunately, are not new.  Entrypark (part of Potentialpark Communications) has been studying the online communication that employers have with candidates since 2002. For years, we have been asking students exactly what their pain points are in the online job search and applications. We ask candidates where they go to research an employer, and overwhelmingly students tell us that they go to the company’s career website. Next we ask students what their preferences are for the content on these sites. Unfortunately, most employers don’t measure up. (contribute to the 2017 study here)

Even though students tell us that a bad career website actually discourages them from applying, we know that employers often don’t provide the most important information candidates are looking for. Students want to know when they will hear back from employers after applying, but in some markets, less than 10% of employers tell them this. Students also want to know about the recruitment process, but this information is often limited and/or buried in the FAQ. Even then almost 40% of companies don’t have this information at all.

In the end, it seems that many employers don’t bother to improve this experience because they ultimately fill the roles that they are looking to hire for. Unfortunately, this means that the experience of candidates, even though it may need improvement, has not always been prioritized.

But there is good news. The employment market is shifting in favour of candidates. Companies are increasing their hiring numbers, and are competing more for top candidates. Because of this they are working hard to improve. New, better designed career sites are popping up from top employers all over the world, and the experience of candidates is being prioritized at a higher level. We can help employers make your experience better!

Your input for our research will be invaluable in helping employers get better. It takes 10 minutes, you might win a prize like a trip to Stockholm or an Apple watch. And most importantly, it is your chance to say anonymously what you really think. We’re ready when you are!

Online Talent Communication Study 2017

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Paul Rothwell • 21/11/2016

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