Good Advices Part Three: Acing interviews and assessment centres

So, your job application was a wow – of course it was, because you read our post on Nailing CVs and application forms, didn’t you? Next thing you know they’re inviting you for an interview (EEEP!) or an assessment centre (EEEEEEEEEEP!!)


…oh no, no you don’t. There’ll be no EEEEP! of any duration here. Because you will be researched, briefed, practiced and prepared – leastways if we’ve got anything to do with it you will. Check out our fully revised, rewritten and generally beefed up pages on:

Research and preparation – know who the employer is, what the job is about, and what’s happening in the industry that you should be aware of. That way, when they ask ‘why are you interested in this job?’ you’ll have the killer answer.

Interviews – find out how to prepare for in-person, telephone and video interviews, from technical advice to how to handle different styles of interviews and types of questions. Includes everything from example questions to videos of real-life graduate interviews with employer feedback.

Assessment centres – learn more about the types of activities involved including the dreaded psychometric tests, situational judgement tests, group exercises, presentations and (my personal non-fave) role play *shudder*. We have sample exercises, links to free practice tests, video resources and lots more.

Content from all these pages is also available in booklet form. Copies of our Interviews and Assessment Centres title are available from Student Centres/Careers Centres on all sites, or you can download and print your own copy via the link above.

Practice makes job offers – it’s a fact and we’ll do all we can to help. Mock interviews where you role play the interview with us as the interviewer, presentation rehearsals where you deliver your presentation live to an audience of Careers staff  – we’ll set them up and give you honest, constructive feedback to make sure when it comes to The Big Day you’re as prepared as you can be.

Email or call us on 01273 642855 to make an appointment.


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Paul Rothwell • 15/11/2016

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