Did you graduate this summer?

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If so, we will be contacting you soon for the Destination of Leavers from Higher Education survey! 

Every year the university surveys its recent graduates to find out what they have done approximately six months after leaving, as part of a national survey called Destination of Leavers from Higher Education (DLHE). The survey is conducted at two points in the year (April and January) in order that graduates are surveyed as close to six months after they leave their course as possible.

When you receive the survey, it is really important that you complete it to let us know what you will be doing on the census date of January 12th. It will only take a few minutes!

Based on information from our 2014-15 leavers, the number of graduates going into employment and/or further study remains strong and has continued to increase year on year. 92.9% of graduates, postgraduates and holders of other awards went into employment, further study or training, or were due to start work within six months of completing their course. Unemployment also fell by 0.8% from the previous year.

Destination of leavers: 2014-15

Activity Respondents Respondents by %
Full-time work 2,364 61.8 %
Part-time work 581 15.2 %
Full-time study 346 9.0 %
Part-time study 30 0.8 %
Primarily in work and also studying 59 1.5 %
Primarily studying and also in work 75 2.0 %
Due to start work 44 1.2 %
Unemployed 191 5.0 %
Other 136 3.5 %
Total 3826 100 %

Take a look at some of the other outcomes of last year’s survey: http://about.brighton.ac.uk/careers/plan-your-career/what-other-graduates-do/

If you have any further questions about the DLHE survey, please contact our Graduate Destinations Survey Officer at: dlhe@brighton.ac.uk.

If you would like any support from the Careers Service, please take a look at our website: http://brighton.ac.uk/careers/

You can contact the Careers Service on:

Tel: 01273 642855               E-mail: careers@brighton.ac.uk


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