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By now you’re hopefully feeling chilled out and de-stressed enough to think about what to do the rest of your  vacation or maybe you’re a graduate looking for their next step. Did you know that there are loads of free online courses to help you create the perfect CV? or write the most amazing application form? And once you’ve got an interview nailed you’ll want some tips on how to perform and calm your nerves.

Futurelearn is owned by the Open University . They have a variety of careers related courses such as How to succeed at writing applications, How to succeed at Interviews , and Net that Job : How to write a CV online. You can search by keywords or browse collections ( Improve your job prospects is the collection that contain the ones I’ve just mentioned).  Their courses have been put together  primarily by UK and EU Universities.  You can join at any point when the course is running and catch up but if a course hasn’t yet started you will need to wait. Register your interest and you’ll get an email reminder and a start date. Along with the CV, applications and interview courses are many more that may be of interest either to do with your future career or just for your own personal development.  I recently did the Storytelling in Advertising one hosted by D & AD and loved it.   is an American company the University Of Brighton has a licence with so that all students and staff can access the e-learning courses completely free of charge. Its a massive resource. A quick search revealed 473 hits for careers, narrowed down to 73 when I filtered it to courses only.  Topics include Job Search strategies, Acing your Interview and Job hunting online. There are also tips on managing stress, negotiating your salary and giving your elevator pitch. As with FutureLearn there are tons of others courses that may be of interest. You should be able to sign in using your usual University of Brighton log in details, its completely free for students so ignore the free 14 day trial button. They’ve also got various apps so you can learn on the go. Information on how to use Lynda can be found here.



As ever the Careers service staff at the University are here to help you and although we have less advisors working over the holiday we do have provision right the way through . We can help by checking your CVs and job applications and even run through a mock interview with you if you’ve got an interview lined up.  Please contact us if you need help or advice but try to allow a bit of time as we don’t have appointments every day during the holiday.









Fiona Langdon • 11/08/2016

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