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The ‘Big Bang Internship – Where Creativity Begins..’ is your opportunity to show what you can do and demonstrate a talent that can be nurtured and developed.

The Big Bang Internship Scheme is being run by Daniel Marks London, a recruitment firm specialising in the recruitment and sourcing of talent to the Creative Agency sector. Their clients are global agencies within WPP, Omnicom and Publicis but also smaller Independent Creative Agencies. The agency has a wide reach to Executive Creative Directors at these agencies who are really keen to meet upcoming creative talent and very excited to be a part of this scheme.

All the details can be found on the link here:

Daniel Marks London – Big Bang Internship Scheme

An IFO is an Identified Flying Object – you need to create a brand identity for your flying object and launch it with 3 pieces of advertising! The current market of flying objects is dominated by recognised brands such as Nerf, Frisbee and Aerobie. This brief is an opportunity to create and launch a new brand and watch it fly. Make your IFO the most identified flying object on the market!!

The judges are looking for work that shows creative skills and commercial sense, with three separate pieces of advertising to showcase and sell the brand. This can be supported by a poster, a print ad, a social media piece, packaging, point of sale, a bus stop or billboard or even a short video as a TV or Cinema Ad. The type and shape of flying object is up to you – the creative challenge is to create a name, an identity and brand – in conjunction with the supporting advertising.

It’s up to you to define your target audience – the aim of this brief is not to build and design a physical product but to create a brand name and identity.

This is an article from last year’s scheme, also attached is a letter received from Jayed Ahmed.

A panel of 10 Judges who are all Executive Creative Directors at Creative Agencies, will review a shortlist with a view to offering six week paid Internships to the applicants they see potential in. This could well lead to a formal job offer and at the very least would be a great experience to learn how the creative industry works from the inside.

Some of the brands we have involved – BBC, ITV, Guardian, Diesel, Deezer, Innocent

The deadline is August 21st so start working on your campaign now!

Rebecca Duffy • 12/07/2016

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