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All change for volunteering on the Vacancy and Events Service

The Vacancy and Events Service is all new and improved so we’re hoping that it’s a lot easier to use for finding volunteering roles that you really want to do!

Finding voluntary vacancies
Here’s the new Search tool, isn’t it pretty 🙂photo of search tool


To look at just local volunteering roles, tick Type of Work as ‘Voluntary’ and Location as ‘South East England:

photo of new searchlocationvolrole
































Once you click ‘Search jobs’, a big list of volunteering roles appears at the bottom of the screen, hurrah!



When you click on a Role title, you can view the full details for the role:

photo of search role result

We’re here to support you

This means that whenever you click on the ‘Apply’ button for any local volunteering roles, you’ll be redirected to the registration page on our website. We want to support you in all your volunteering endeavours so the process for applying to a volunteering role will always be meeting with us first to register with one of us in person. Once we’ve chatted through your options with you, we can then refer you to your first choice volunteering role. That way, you can get started on any application process safe in the knowledge that we’re here to support you.

Hang on, there’s more!

We’re starting to add ‘VOL’ to the start of all our volunteer roles – this is so we can keep on top of all our admin; so you’ll start to see some volunteering roles with ‘VOL’ at the start and some without ‘VOL’ at the start – there’s no difference, it’s purely so we can keep up to date with our systems.

One last thing!

The beauty of the new system is that you can search it just like Google! So, if you’re looking for a particular volunteer role name or a particular organisation, you can just add quote marks to the keyword search:


And hey presto, just the roles related to that specific keyword phrase will appear:

photo of keyword results


If you’ve got any questions about the new system or you’re having trouble finding volunteering roles on it, do contact us:, tel: 01273 644145 or comment below and we’ll get back to you.

photo of success baby meme

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Suse Bentley • 15/06/2016

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