Looking for a Study Buddy to get you through the exams?

No doubt you’re studying hard at the moment. Whether you’re finding it easy or challenging, Thales has come up with some ideas that can help. They’ve developed an online resource with cheat sheets, study timer and plenty of helpful suggestions for work and downtime. Visit their new Study Buddy.

You will find useful tools for study like the revision timer,  and the software code sheets, quick quizzes and excellent music playlists to help you get ‘in the zone’, you’ll find simple brain-food recipes and stretching excercises, in fact everything you’ll need to get you in tip top revision condition and help you focus your mind on the task in hand.



And if you haven’t done so already, why not look at the graduate and internship programmes on offer in systems, software and electronics engineering at Thales?

There are currently vacancies in Crawley and Cambridge but they also have opportunities all across the country to start this year.

To find out more, go to ukearlycareers.thalesgroup.com

Liz Vassilakes • 10/05/2016

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