‘Pop My Mind’ – new and emerging online platform for the Creative Arts.


Music Producers, Painters, Dancers, Film-makers… all in one place responding to each other’s work to produce fresh, innovative creativity: Pop My Mind is the home of creative play.

The platform was founded in order to encourage artists of all forms to engage with each other’s work and use Pop My Mind as a multi-disciplined springboard for generating new work and ideas. It is also a way to network and collaborate with a diverse like-minded creative community whilst gaining access to real-world opportunities!

All the work uploaded to Pop My Mind is brand new and made specifically in response to other pieces of content on the platform. This brings a certain magic to the platform as you know that each piece of work is some how linked to another – Like a big family tree of creativity!

We also curate multimedia exhibitions and events to further celebrate the most outstanding creativity made by our community. An Invention Award is also given out on a monthly bases and the winner receives a small bursary to contribute towards to the development of their creative practice.

If you’re curious to know more or would like to join the creative community, please contact laurel@popmymind.com


1) Sander Steins (Netherlands), ‘C Out of Control‘, mixed media, inspired by Joanne Chan’s ‘Stage Three‘.

2) Jonanne Chan (Hong Kong), ‘Stage Three‘, painting.

3) Mark Aaron (East of England), ‘A Portrait of Modern Loneliness‘, photography


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Rachel Page • 30/03/2016

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