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The Art of CV writing



At the Careers Service we often speak to students who are apologetic about not yet having created a ‘finished’ CV.

It depends what stage you are at in the application process but having an absolute finished article shouldn’t really bother anyone too much until they have an actual job to apply for in front of them.

Having said that it’s an excellent idea to have the framework of CV in place with key details such as education, experience, interests and references.

Ideally though you should be constantly tinkering with the CV, working out what you have and need to show for this particular job and how that might differ from the next job, what skills have you got and which would apply to this one. And the next one and so on…

Much of your education and experience will stay the same but its down to you which parts you show to each employer. It is a judgment call. Which modules, if any can link to this job? What skills are applicable to this job?

Draw up a long list of skills gained through university and other education, work and other interests, then you can mix them up according to what you what you are applying  for.

Of course its worth having a fairly general CV always ready in case you need to apply quickly for a job or to present at  a fair.

Where you can however always default to tailoring  the CV to each job.

Employers will appreciate  the effort made.

There is lots of great advice on our website –


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Pamela Coppola • 21/03/2016

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