Could you be the next Student Employee of the Year?

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Nominations for this year’s Student Employee of the Year (SEOTY) award are now open!

If you’re working a job to boost your income while you’re at Brighton, then this could be a chance for you to earn some recognition – and a little extra cash – as a result of your hard work. All you need to do is ask your employer to nominate you before mid-April.

When we talk to employers, we hear over and over again that they are looking to hire people with a proven track record of excellence. And that doesn’t just mean academic grades. Formal recognition of any kind can give your CV a real boost and help you stand out from the pack.

A SEOTY award, or even a nomination, could give you the edge you need to succeed. You would also be in with a chance to win a £100 cheque, a trophy, a certificate, and admission to the SEOTY alumni network – a great way to make vital contacts that could help your career.

There are three main categories of SEOTY award:

Above & Beyond – To recognise a student who goes above and beyond their duties on a regular basis.

Commercial Impact – Honouring a student who has made a big commercial impact on a company or organisation, whether by increasing profits, generating new business, saving money or developing an enterprising new idea.

Step Up To Leadership – This is given to a student who has proved themselves in a leadership role, taking responsibility for a project or department.

So if you’re working while studying, and you think you might be in with a shot in one of the above categories, ask your employer if they would consider putting you forward for this coveted national award. All they need to do is complete a nomination form. Online applications must be in by 18 April. For paper-based applications, the deadline is 15 April.

Further information how to enter can be found here.

Read interviews with Sunny and Dan, two previous University of Brighton SEOTY winners and find out what the award meant to them.



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Katherine Whittaker • 10/03/2016

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