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Writing Personal Statements – a brief guide

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Whether you are applying for any opportunity be it a course, a job or a place on a graduate scheme sooner or later you will come across the blank white space where it says ‘tell us why you want this opportunity’.
Some employers and education providers may break this down into smaller sections which is helpful. But this isn’t always the case and you may be left thinking what exactly do I write.

Here are some hints and tips to help you with this. Firstly you may be given a word or character count. Obviously keep to this as anything extra won’t get read.
If there isn’t a word or character count try not to use this as an opportunity to ramble and waffle, make sure the response is concise and concentrates on key points.

A good tip which can work is to write away first and edit later. You may find ideas flow more naturally this way.
But be strict when editing and make every word count.
Try and divide the response into a number of key areas that will make it easier for the reader and tells your story in a logical way.

  • Always think about WHY you want this opportunity. Give good, well considered reasons.
    Why this particular employer or education provider? What do they offer? Make a connection between your work and skills and theirs.
    Try and relate the past, present and future to this opportunity.
    What have you done in the past that relates to this – what have you studied that is relevant?
    What experience have you had, either paid or voluntary?
    What do you hope to achieve from this opportunity?
    Presnt your specific skills and knowledge with evidence
    What are your future goals and aspirations?

Hopefully this will give you a starting point. The university careers service website offers some great advice and further information.


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Pamela Coppola • 16/02/2016

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