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Five tips for acing your video interview

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As a UoB graduate, I know we’re an outgoing bunch and quite at home in front of the camera. How comfortable do you reckon you’d be taking a video interview? It definitely doesn’t feel as natural as being papped dancing in the Haunt, so here are our 5 top tips for acing your virtual meeting.

  • Spring Clean your Social/ Skype Profiles

All the employer has to go on is your online profile. Make sure it’s clean! Hide those snaps from the end-of-year drinks – quick, go!

Equally, employers might not take you so seriously with a Hello Kitty profile picture or a “MzToxzik69”-style username.

  • Check Your Surroundings

Whatever’s happening outside the frame doesn’t matter, but make sure you’re not conducting the interview in full view of your floordrobe. Make sure you arrange a time with cohabitants that will be quiet and distraction-free.

  • Smile!

We all know the body language-is-55%-of-communication statistic. Unfortunately, video interviews inhibit that side of your interaction, so make sure you smile. People can hear a smile in your voice, and as tone comprises another 38% of communication it’s definitely worth taking pains to ensure you sound nice.

  • Be a Listener

This should be a rule in most of your conversations anyway. If you’re experiencing any kind of lag, it’s even more vital to leave conversation space. Your future boss will become frustrated if they keep getting spoken over.

  • Treat It Like a Normal Interview

Relax. You’re under no pressure to perform. This is a chance to let an employer know what you can do, and what you’d like to achieve with them. It’s also an opportunity for you to gauge what they’re about and whether or not you want to work with them. Stay cool.


For extra points, prepare an online version of your brag book. Get some links ready to drop at the right moment. You can also take advantage of Notes or Stickies in the corner of the screen to prompt you. Good luck!

Angharad is a UoB graduate writing for JobLab, a swanky tech startup that helps students and grads get hired!

Rebecca Duffy • 16/02/2016

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