Brandwatch is recruiting.

What do they do? Their top 3 tips? What do they look for when recruiting? Carry on reading.

Brandwatch10What do they do?
Brandwatch is a technology company that develops smart software to harvest data from social media, enabling their clients to make informed decisions. Brandwatch has over 300 people from more than 30 nations based accross the world in 6 culturally vibrant cities.


Top 3 tips

1. Do some research. Find companies from the sector you’re interested in and see which events they are attending. Before attending, do some research on who they are and what they are currently doing. This way you’ll be able to have a targeted approach and your background research will impress staff who might be involved in recruiting for that company.


2. Network and hoard information. Attend events and target the people or companies you want to speak to. The buzz of these events will leave you a little dazed, making it difficult for you to remember everyone’s name, so collect flyers, business cards and company information. That way you can take some time to research the companies when you get back home, and see whether you would like to apply there.

3. Be open minded. Unless you are doing a particular course to do a certain job, it’s pretty daunting choosing a career. Everyone feels that way, but lots of exciting companies have roles that you would be good for, even roles that you might have never considered.


What do they look for when recruiting?

They look for future Brandwatchers who are passionate and driven, always looking to learn new things and grow in their career. Excited about what the future holds and motivated by what they as an individual can do to help achieve that.

Are you that individual? Want to be a Brandwatcher? Here are their current vacancies. Need further advice? The Careers Service is here for you.

Image & video source: Brandwatch

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Mirco Cordeiro • 14/11/2015

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