How long do recruiters look at your CV?

Some of our colleagues knew Recruiting Managers don’t read their CVs for long periods of time, however they didn’t expected it to be so brief. Check out their views and reaction in this slightly extended version of the Facebook promotional video.

Nadia Marie – Falmer; Karen Bowles – Moulsecoomb; George Thomas – Grand Parade; James East – Eastbourne and  Iola Onwuemezi – Hastings. With Clare Taylor – Communication and Project Officer

The 6 seconds average is based on a research project developed by and reported by Times website. To see that article click here. Based on the same research, Business Insider produced the video below, which provides greater insight on what recruiters actually look for in your CV during those 6 seconds.

Yes, there is competition. Yes, your CV doesn’t get looked at for as long as we would like, but most CVs don’t last due to minor mistakes. So don’t despair, because if you get the basics right you’ll beat a lot of competition, hook your recruiter and get through the next stage. And don’t forget you have excellent professionals to help you at the Careers Service.

You can find advice on how to write a CV here. And did you know some companies use scanning software to see if you have the key words in your application form? You can find out how to pass that stage here.

If you want more advice or want to find out what else the Careers Service can do for you, here are their contact details for your campus.



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Mirco Cordeiro • 07/11/2015

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