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Student Ambassador: Bernardo MaronaName: Bernardo Sebastião

From: Santarém, Portugal

Course: BEng Hons Automotive Engineering

Year: 1st




What do you do as a Student Ambassador?

It varies, for example, at the International Orientation Programme I was a group leader helping new students to settle in, while during Welcoming Week I helped with enrolments. Being a Student Ambassador allows me to develop several skills that will be important for my future career such as communication skills, useful when addressing students and staff in groups or individually. I’ve also been practising problem solving while dealing with unexpected queries and problems, which some can be quite unusual. Thus every hour I work is an hour developing skills.

1968 Chevron B8 BMWWhy BEng Hons Automotive Engineering?

I am doing this course because I always dreamed to have a job related with Motorsport and to get there I chose to do a course in Automotive Engineering first and then try to do a Masters in Motorsport, that’s the plan. If for some reason I change my mind by the end of the course I can always do a Masters in a different area and keep my options open.



How are you getting ready for your future professional career?

I am doing the most I can to enrich my CV. I’m trying to gain experience on the type of jobs and environment I will be working in the future. I’m in my first year but I’ve already started making contacts with Motor Sports companies to arrange placements. I hope to accumulate relevant experience to complement my course so when I finish it, I will stand out from the competition and have better chances of not just getting a job but the job I want.

What advice would you give to new students?

Don’t worry too much about the future, get ready for it! Also, I know it can be hard living away from home but just try to enjoy the experience and the opportunity to study at University of Brighton with people from all over the world. Try to get the most out of it.

Student Ambassadors group photoFor Student Ambassador vacancies, career advice and other jobs opportunities go to brighton.ac.uk/careers/

Check the Campus Vacancy of the Week: Telephone Interviewer. Deadline 16th of October.








Motor sports image source: David Merrett via Compfight

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Mirco Cordeiro • 06/10/2015

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