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It’s the beginning of term and for some that means new timetables, new housemates and a new city. For finalists it should mean hard work and thinking about the future.

One important thing to think about is if you want to apply for a graduate scheme as your first graduate job??


Graduate schemes are training programmes that are usually run by large organisation in both the public and the private sector. Under these schemes companies take on a number of graduates in the autumn of their graduating year.

If you are employed on a scheme, you will be given a permanent, paid job and follow a structured training programme for the first 18 months to two years of your employment.

Graduate schemes are well sought after and competitive so you have to be ready to give some time to many levels of recruitment. This might include an application form, telephone interview and/or a panel, assessment centre and perhaps psychometric tests. This can be daunting but we can help with all of these stages – check out our page on all types of  –

But why would you want to put yourself through that, you ask?

Well firstly you are likely to be working for a big blue chip company, something some people strive for on their CVs. In addition it gives you a real overview of that company, often structured to allow you time around different parts of the company whilst you find your specialist area of interest. Companies also use them to bring in talent that they can mold to their needs with the view to investing and developing graduates to fast track them through into higher levels of the business.  To top if off you are often well paid and given training and development to give you the best chance in reaching those higher echelons.

Are you up for it?

If you have always had high expectations of where you want to go in your industry, are ambitious and ready to put the work in to get the top job  – then a graduate scheme could be for you.

But don’t read this and not do something about it now because grad scheme deadlines are coming in thick and fast.

Most are closed by Christmas so get moving on it now.

Take the time in your first semester to start making applications and secure yourself a great graduate job by easter, allowing you to focus all your efforts on those final exams knowing you have your future plans in place.

Want to know more? Check out the Careers website –



For finalists within the School of Environment and Technology,  Savills are currently promoting their Graduate Programme. They have produced a new “Careers in Property 2016” brochure which has been launched this week. The publication is created to help potential applicants understand the property recruitment process and it gives an insight into various property companies.  You can access the publication by clicking here.

Savills Graduate Programme (starting work in 2016) is now open and will close on the dates below:

  • Surveying (Property Management, Valuation, Commercial, Development, Residential) – 10 November 2015 at 5pm
  • Building Surveying – 10 November 2015 at 5pm
  • Rural – 30 November 2015 at 5pm
  • Urban Design – 11 December 2015 at 5pm
  • Town Planning – 4 January 2016 at 5pm

All details and applications on our graduate site




To find more graduate schemes, other graduate jobs or part time work register or log on to our Vacancy Service






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Katherine Whittaker • 01/10/2015

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