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Ian Sinclair

The Politics of Reproduction. CAPPE international conference 2021

CAPPE 16th Annual Interdisciplinary Conference 15-17 September 2021 The conference was held online and was entirely free to attend. Recent years have witnessed renewed interest in the politics of reproduction and care in a wide range of fields, in response… Continue Reading →

Workshop | Disability Politics After Covid: ‘Back to Normal’ or Forward to Liberation?

Friday July 16th, online After a decade of intense assault on the social and civil rights of disabled people in the name of austerity, the Covid-19 pandemic has led to a further devaluation of disabled people’s lives. Beyond the horrific… Continue Reading →

CAPPE statement on Palestine

The CAPPE community stands in solidarity with the people of Palestine in their struggle against the occupation of their land by the apartheid regime of Israel.

CAPPE Public Lecture – Being Born – Alison Stone

CAPPE – Chantal Mouffe Keynote Address – Democracy and/or Populsim

CAPPE Workshop: Ghosts of Property 26-27/05/21

CAPPE Workshop: New Developments in Post-Foundational Thought 05/05/21

New Developments in Post-Foundational Thought 13.30: German Primera: The Political Ontology of Giorgio Agamben 14.45: Clare Woodford: Towards a Feminist Ethics of Nonviolence/Disorienting Democracy 16.00: Oliver Marchart: Thinking Antagonism 17.15: Mark Devenney: Towards an Improper Politics 18.30: Paula Biglieri and… Continue Reading →

Being Born: Birth & Philosophy – 19/05/21 – Workshop & Lecture

Democracy and Populism: Equality, Truth and Disagreement In The Age of Covid

18 -23 January 2021 University of Brighton UK, online  This conference invited reflection on the relationship between Democracy and Populism; and consideration of new developments in democratic theory and politics in the twenty-first century. This is all the more pertinent… Continue Reading →

Interfere Journal – Inaugural Issue

CAPPE Open Discussion on Universities & IHRA Definition of Antisemitism

Cosmopolitan Radicalism – Zeina Maasri

Online Workshop Explores Marginalised Histories of Radical Politics and Transnational Solidarity in the Long 1960s

By Struan Gray On 11-12 June 2020 an international group of academics participated in an online workshop, organised by the University of Brighton’s Radical Sixties research project. The workshop built on the success of the 2019 conference – Radical Sixties:… Continue Reading →

Against Free Speech – Anthony Leaker

Affordability, Inequality, and Private Housing

Dr Rebecca Searle discusses the ESRC funding proposal she developed with support from CAPPE looking at affordability, inequality and the private rented sector in Britain, 1953-2021.

The Populist Manifesto – Andy Knott & Emmy Eklundh

Adorno: Back to Commitment

Patricia McManus, University of Brighton 4 February 2020 This paper will return to Theodor Adorno’s understanding of a ‘committed’ literature and why he rejected (or had to reject) that notion of political engagement in favour of an understanding of what… Continue Reading →

CAPPE Workshop | 10/02/20 | Badiou and Communicable Worlds: A Critical Introduction to Logics of Worlds

Southern Philosophical Forum |07/02/20 | Disagreement

CAPPE Workshop | 31/01/20 | Property & Precarity

Luxury Communism vs Scarcity Nativism

Aaron Bastani, Novara Media 14 January 2020 Luxury Communism vs Scarcity Nativism The politics of the last 12 years have been increasingly defined by crisis. A crisis of the old geopolitical order, as American Empire crumbles; a crisis of free… Continue Reading →

Luxury Communism vs Scarcity Nativism | Aaron Bastani

CAPPE Public Lecture | 16/01/20 | The Historical, Political and Cultural Roots of the Brexit Crisis

Workshop | The Past and Present of Abolition: Reassessing Adam Smith’s “Liberal Reward of Labor” with Robert Shilliam

9 January 2020 Robbie Shilliam, (Professor of International Relations, Department of Politics, John Hopkins, US) Abstract Abolish prisons; abolish police; abolish immigration enforcement: current “abolition” movements have yet to receive the attention that international political economy has given to its… Continue Reading →

Towards An Improper Politics – Mark Devenney

The Actuality Of Marx’s Communism

Michael Heinrich, Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft, Berlin 19 November 2019 There is no doubt that communism was Karl Marx’s political goal. Nonetheless, he never published a book or an article with a clear and extensive demonstration of what communism… Continue Reading →

CMNH and CAPPE Conference: Engels in Eastbourne

This conference has been cancelled now for this date and we hope to run it next year.  Call for Papers – Engels in Eastbourne Conference to be held to mark Engels@200 from 23-24 June 2020, University of Brighton, Eastbourne… Continue Reading →

CAPPE workshop: Michael Heinrich on ‘Marx’s Unwritten Capital’, 20/11/19 | Sallis Benney Theatre, Grand Parade

The Irrationality of Labour

Alastair Hemmens, Cardiff University 22 October 2019 (Workshop 23 October, the Critique of work in modern French thought) A plethora of works have been published over the course of the past decades or so since the 2008 financial crisis that… Continue Reading →

The Long 90s Is Over

Jeremy Gilbert, University of East London 8 October 2019 Something ended around 2016, as Trump, Brexit and Corbyn became central topics of everyday political discourse. Ever since the early 1990s, mainstream politics in the English-speaking world had been dominated by… Continue Reading →

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