Prof. Christoph Menke holds the Chair of Practical Philosophy at the Cluster of Excellence: Normative Orders and the Institute of Philosophy at the Goethe University Frankfurt/Main. The focus of his work is political philosophy, philosophy of law, morality, aesthetics, and the theory of subjectivity.
Professor Menke is the author of many books including The Sovereignty of Art (1988/1999), Reflections of Equality (2000/2006), The presence of tragedy. Trial of judgment and play, (2005/2009), Force. A Fundamental Concept of Aesthetic Anthropology (2008/2012), Autonomy and liberation (2018), Critique of Rights (2022) and most recently, Theorie der Befreiung (A Theory of liberation) (2022)
Date: Thursday 2nd February
Time: 6pm -8pm.
Location: University of Brighton, City Campus, room M2,
Professor Menke will be giving a public lecture discussing central concerns of his recent book A Theory of Liberation. This book develops a novel theory of liberation that argues that freedom and domination are indissolubly intertwined, that liberation is not the precursor of freedom, but rather the process of its implementation.
The lecture will be followed by two workshops with Prof. Menke on Friday 3rd February. If you are interested in participating in these workshops, please contact Luke Edmeads.
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