The theme of relationality is now centre stage in contemporary political and social thought. From relational ontology to post-foundational ethics and black feminisms, relationality has far-reaching implications for debates in politics, ethics, and aesthetics. For this symposium we invite engagements with, revisions of, and challenges to relationality as well as interventions about its role in the humanities and arts today. Relationality is a transdisciplinary topic that questions the academy, and compels us to rethink the conventions of an event like this. Our institutional and disciplinary practices normalise a certain politics of relationality while foreclosing others. For that reason, we are particularly open to interdisciplinary contributions from across the humanities, social sciences, and beyond. Colleagues working in (but not limited to) sociology, gender studies, history, black studies, queer theory, literary studies, politics, decolonial studies, cultural geography, disability studies, visual cultures, anthropology, neurodiversity studies, indigenous thought, environmental studies, and philosophy are invited to participate.


          Possible themes

  • Narration, singularity, vulnerability
  • Refusal, inoperativity, politics
  • Relational Ontology, post- foundationalism and Modal Ontology
  • Black social life, sociality, fugitivity
  • Pathologised relations (e.g. the socialities of autism)
  • Indigenous relationalities (grounded normativity)
  • Relationalities of Covid: interdependence, responsibility, breath, touch
  • Decolonial relationality after Man
  • Queer relationalities
  • Relationality and Aesthetics
  • The politics of Care, Friendship, Solidarity

Please submit your abstract (300 words) to German Primera at by the 24th of February 2023.

Organisers: Luke Edmeads, Christopher Griffin and German Primera

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