For this year we have identified a set of priorities for our CAPPE work, and thus for the areas that we fund from the annual allocation.

CAPPE will continue to support existing work, with both PhD students and staff, and ensure that this is sustained. This includes: work around critical theory populism, reproductive politics, climate change and the politics of property.

CAPPE will also invest in emerging areas. These include: Disability Politics (the theme for CAPPE work in 2022/23, a schedule of events in this series can be found here); the Politics of Fiction (supported by Horizon Europe); Rethinking Social Democracy and Policy work; and Decolonising Politics.

Last, CAPPE is committed to supporting our postgraduate community in the work they do. We are supporting: a conference about the Politics of time led by Lorena Ramirez Hincapie; weekly and monthly reading groups; the PhD journal INTERFERE and a set of activities that support students in their research as they plan their post-Doctoral careers.


We will host a range of events including:

  • Public lectures held online, and in person, and unifying the various strands of our work;
  • Conferences: in April the Politics of Time; in September Eugenic Legacies and Anti-Eugenic Futures;
  • Workshops/Symposia relevant to all of our work;
  • Reading Groups for PhD students and Staff;
  • External Facing events including work with local bookshops and other third sector organisations;
  • Internal facing bid writing, academic writing and social events.

Please select below to see scheduled events on a month-by-month basis:









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