Russia’s War in Ukraine. Professor Neil Robinson.

Tuesday 8th of March, 17.00-18.30 on Teams 

The unprecedented invasion of Ukraine has left all of us shocked, uncertain how to respond and worried about millions of people caught in a war they did not want. Professor Neil Robinson a globally renowned scholar on the collapse of the Soviet Union, the post-Cold War era, and the politics of Russia and Ukraine situates this war in the longer historical narrative of Russian politics under Putin. Please join us on TUESDAY the 8th of March on TEAMS at 5pm. Links below. Please distribute widely.


Neil Robinson is Professor of Comparative Politics at the University of Limerick. His research is globally renowned and focuses on Russian and post-communist politics. He is the author of Ideology and the collapse of the Soviet system. A critical history of Soviet ideological discourse; Russia: a state of uncertainty Contemporary Russian Politics (Polity, 2018) and many other books. His research has appeared in many journals including Soviet Studies, European Journal of Political Research, Political Studies, International Political Science Review and Russian Politics.)

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