New Developments in Post-Foundational Thought

13.30: German Primera: The Political Ontology of Giorgio Agamben
14.45: Clare Woodford: Towards a Feminist Ethics of Nonviolence/Disorienting Democracy
16.00: Oliver Marchart: Thinking Antagonism
17.15: Mark Devenney: Towards an Improper Politics
18.30: Paula Biglieri and Luciana Cadahia: Seven Essays on Populism

This workshop brings together colleagues from around the world to debate their recent contributions to post-foundational political thought. Each book will be introduced by the authors for 20 minutes followed by an initial set of questions from another participant. Authors will address two questions in their interventions: first, their approach to political ontology, and second the implications of this for their thinking of the political. We welcome colleagues from around the world to participate in these discussions.

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