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Call for Funded Doctoral Students


Call for Doctoral Applications

The Centre for Applied Philosophy, Politics and Ethics (CAPPE) ( at the University of Brighton offers awards in PHILOSOPHY and Politics through the AHRC TECHNE Training Partnership starting in October 2021.

International students, EU students and UK students are eligible to apply. We have a vibrant group of research students and staff working in the Centre and in the Schools of Humanities and Social Sciences. Students play an active role in our work, hosting annual conferences, running work-in-progress sessions, reading groups and symposia, editing their own journal and working with colleagues from institutions across the world.

We seek outstanding candidates in Philosophy, Politics and related areas and welcome both inter-disciplinary proposals and those with a disciplinary focus. These are competitive awards and it is advisable to contact us as soon as possible should you wish to apply. To apply, please:

(a) select (a) relevant supervisor(s) from the list below and email them;

(b) begin NOW to develop a provisional proposal with the staff you have contacted, with a view to having a completed proposal as soon as possible; and then

(c) by 4th of JANUARY complete the online forms for the University of Brighton, and separately for TECHNE: see

A full studentship includes an annual tax-free stipend at RCUK rate plus a tuition fee waiver: for further details see website above.


General Themes in Philosophy and Politics
Contemporary Political Studies and Theories
Applied Philosophy, Politics and Ethics
Social Movements and Radical Politics
Radical Philosophies
Queer Studies
German Idealism
Critical Theory
Decolonial Theory and Politics
Continental Philsophy (Italian, French and German);
Anglo-American Analytical Philosophy
Aethetics, Literature and Philosophy
Marxism, Post-Marxism and Discourse Theories
Philosophy and Psychoanalysis
Enviromental Philosophy and Politics
Gender Studies

Dr Mark Abel: Philosophy, aesthetics and politics of music. Marxism and the politics of revolution and resistance. (

Dr Matt Adams: Developments in posthuman, more-than-human, human-nature connection, multi-species, human-animal and critical animal studies – especially as applied to politics of climate change, Anthropocene, nature-based interventions, animal agriculture; especially those engaging with indigenous perspectives where appropriate. (

Dr Cathy Bergin: race; black communist radicalism in the USA; interplay between philosophy, politics and aesthetics. (

Professor Bob Brecher: moral philosophy; torture; the war on terror; applied philosophy and ethics; healthcare ethics; Kant; neoliberalism; history of ideas. (

Dr Tom Bunyard: Guy Debord and the Situationist International; Marx and Marxism; Hegelian philosophy; cultural and critical theory; continental philosophy. (

Dr Francesca Burke: Politics and International Relations in the Middle East (especially projects related to Palestinian and Israeli politics, mobilisation, student activism and the role of higher education in politics, citizenship, nationalism, and resistance) (

Dr Roxana Pessoa Cavalcanti: the politics of control, critical theory, authoritarianism, the criminalisation of dissent, policing and violence in Brazil. (

Dr Apurv Chauhan: Politics of knowledge; Ethics of vaccine refusal; Science vs common sense epistemologies; Public Understanding of Science; Dialogical perspectives on mind; Risk and Trust. (

Dr Nicola Clewer: aesthetics and politics; memorialisation; neoliberalism and the far right. (

Dr. Deanna Dadusc: criminalisation of social social and political struggles, border violence, institutional racisms, the crimininalisation of migration. Feminist and decolonial perspectives and methodologies (

Professor Mark Devenney: Right wing and Left Wing Populism; critical theory; continental philosophy; biopolitics, Post-Marxism and discourse theory, the politics of psychoanalysis; the politics of property; Literatures of resistance, Climate Politics and Protest; the Politics of ‘Race’; Decolonial Politics. (

Dr Robin Dunford: the politics of rights and resistance; ‘just’ and ‘humanitarian’ forms of killing; and the gendered political economy of austerity. (

Dr Jo Kellond: psychoanalysis and psychoanalytic theory; Freud; Lacan; Object Relations; feminist approaches to and intersections with psychoanalytic theory. (

Dr Andy Knott: post- and neo-Marxism, discourse theory, economic forms of ‘identity’, including notions of the multitude, class, and the individual. (

Dr Anthony Leaker: Wittgenstein, post-Marxism, cultural theory and philosophy; aesthetics and the politics of populism. (

Dr Toby Lovat: Kant; Meillassoux; speculative realism. (

Dr Zeina Maasri: decolonization and anti-imperialist solidarities; Middle East studies; post-colonial theory. (

Professor Stephen Maddison: sexual cultures, popular culture, cultural politics and gender studies; queer theory; masculinities, effeminacies; porn cultures; social media and affect; creative writing, story-telling, creative methods and community engagement ( (

Dr Vicky Margree: feminist theory; Firestone; violence (

Dr Michael Neu: Political Philosophy, Moral Philosophy; jut war theory; liberal violence and philosophies of complicity. (

Dr Zoe Sutherland: contemporary critical theory, aesthetics, the politics of resistance and feminist philosophies. (

Dr German Primera Villamizar: biopolitics; politics,life anbd violence; Foucault, Rose, Agamben, Esposito.  (

Dr Clare Woodford: Political and Radical Philosophy, Research interests include theories of gender, ideology and pedagogy, Marxism and post-Marxism, queer theory, psychoanalysis, democratic struggle, activism and the arts, and performance studies, Ranciere, Butler and Laclau. (

Current doctoral students in CAPPE

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Ian Sinclair • November 17, 2020

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