Centre for Applied Philosophy, Politics and Ethics
University of Brighton
Marx’s UnwrittenCapital
Michael Heinrich
Wednesday 20thNovember 2019
Sallis Benney Lecture Theatre, Grand Parade, 1.00 – 4.00
A workshop discussion with Michael Heinrich, centred around his essay Capital after MEGA: Discontinuities, Interruptions, and New Beginnings’.
The essay is available online at this address: http://crisiscritique.org/political11/Michael%20Heinrich.pdf 
N.B. Michael is also presenting a public lecture on the evening of the 19th(‘On the Actuality of Communism’: Tuesday 19th, 6.30-8.00, University of Brighton, M2 Grand Parade)
Please contact Tom Bunyard (t.bunyard@brighton.ac.uk) for further details
Michael Heinrich was Professor of Economics at the Hochschule fuer Technik und WirtschaftBerlin until 2016. For several years he worked as a collaborator on the MEGA (Marx-Engels-Gesamtausgabe ) edition of Marx and Engels’ complete works, and for 20 years, he was the managing editor of PROKLA, one of the leading leftist social science journals in Germany. He is currently engaged in producing a multi-volume biography of Marx, titled Karl Marx and the Birth of Modern Society. The first volume of this work has just appeared in English. At present, Michael is perhaps best known in English for his highly accessibleAn Introduction to the Three Volumes of Marx’s Capital.
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