18-19 January 2018

CAPPE, University of Brighton and Cátedra Libre Ernesto Laclau, University of Buenos Aires supported by the British Academy)

Thursday 18 January

10.00am -10.30am: Introductory Comments: Transnational Populist Politics?

Paula Biglieri (University of Buenos Aires) and Mark Devenney (University of Brighton)

SESSION 1: 10.30 – 12.30: Theorising Populist Politics 1 (Chair: Clare Woodford)

Carsten Jensen (University of Copenhagem) ‘Laclau and Post-Socialist Strategy. Populism, Lessons from Latin America and the Left in Europe Today’

Rocco Manis (Universidad de Urbino): “Populism and the limits of the Demos”

Paula Biglieri (University of Buenos Aires) “After the defeat”

LUNCH: 12.30-14.00

SESSION 2: 14.00 – 15.30: The Politics of Populism 1 (Chair: German Primera)

Robin Dunford (University of Brighton): Transnational Peasant Activism, Pluriversality and Counter-Hegemony

Mariana Hernandez-Urias (UNAM Mexico) “”Reification, Discourse of the University and the Ayotzinapa Case” ((Cosificación, discurso universitario y el caso Ayotzinapa)

SESSION 3: 16.00-17.30: The Politics of Populism 2 (Chair: Zoe Sutherland)

Andy Knott (University of Brighton): “Populism and Crisis”

Rosaura Martinez (UNAM Mexico) ‘Derrida and Butler on Vulnerability and Resistance as an Economy of Writing. (Notes on Forced Disappearance and the Unveiling of Truth).’

18.00: Drinks and Food: New Era

Friday 19 January

Session 5: 10.00am -11.30am: Comparative Populisms 1 (Chair: Robin Dunford)

Ricardo Camargo (University of Chile): “The Politics of ‘Frente Amplio’ in Chile”

Luciana Cadahia (Universidad Javeriana, Bogota, Ecuador): Instituciones y Populismo: un estudio comparativo entre Ecuador y Argentina (Institutions and Populism: a comparative study between Argentine and Ecuador).

Session 6: 12.00am -13.30am: Comparative Populisms 2 (Chair: Paula Biglieri)

Emilia Palonen (University of Helsinki, Finland): “Populism and space: Learning to become the people in Maunula”

Esteban Chércoles ((National University of La Matanza, Argentina) “La formación de una subjetividad neoliberal. El caso de los discursos presidenciales de Mauricio Macri en la Argentina”

LUNCH: 13.30- 14.30

Session 6: 14.30 -16.30: Theorising Populist Politics 2 (Chair: Clare Woodford)

Anthony Leaker (University of Brighton) “Progressive Populism v Reactionary Liberalism: why ideology critique still matters.”

María Cecilia Ipar (University of São Paulo, Brazil) “Repensar la hegemonía desde la sociología de la dominación de Max Weber” (Rethinking Hegemony drawing on Weber’s theory of Domination)

Stefano Visentin (Universidad de Urbino, Italy) “Populism as counter-power. The end of liberal democracy and the politics of the governed”

Session 7: 16.30-17.30 Planning the Future (Paula Biglieri, Mark Devenney chairing)

  1. Future Events: Buenos Aires June/July 2018; Brisbane July 2018; ANY OTHER IDEAS/PLANS?
  2. Publication Plans: Relaunching Debates  y Combates; Journal Special Issues; Book publications
  3. Applications for Research Funding: European Funding; UK funding; Latin American Funding.
  4. Issues to Talk about in Madrid



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