15th Jun 2017 | Dorset Place, University of Brighton

Centre for Applied Philosophy, Politics & Ethics (CAPPE) (University of Brighton),
Catedra Ernesto Laclau, (University of Buenos Aires) and the British Academy

Theorising Transnational Populist Politics

CAPPE hosted a workshop on Populist Politics in Latin America and in Southern Europe. The focus was on the Social and Economic conditions that Populist parties and Politicians respond to, and on the policies they propose. Themes included:

  • The politics and economics of Syriza and PODEMOS in Europe
  • The electoral losses of populist parties in Latin America
  • Socio-economic politics and proposals
  • Nationalism and populism
  • Transnational populism: forms, possibilities, and examples
  • Populism and Marxism
  • Gender and populism
  • Rightwing populism and Trumpism
  • Populism and capitalism

    This event was part of a British Academy funded project which aims to secure a long-term partnership between Argentinian and UK scholars and research centres concerned with the politics, economics and ideology of populist movements of the left in Latin America and Europe. It is jointly hosted by the University of Buenos Aires and the University of Brighton.

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