5th – 6th December 2016 | University of Buenos Aires

Centre for Applied Philosophy, Politics & Ethics (CAPPE) (University of Brighton),
Catedra Ernesto Laclau, (University of Buenos Aires) and the British Academy

Logo for Catedra libre Ernesto Laclau, ArgentinaUnder the project “Theorising Transnational Populist Politics” carried out by Centre for Applied Philosophy, Politics and Ethics, College of Arts and Humanities of the University of Brighton, Great Britain and the Cátedra Libre Ernesto Laclau of the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina the international workshop W“Populist Politics and Neoliberal Reaction” was held in Buenos Aires in December 2016. Its aim was to gather different colleagues, who develop their academic work within the Post-Marxist Field, in an interdisciplinary space of debate.

This three-day conference hosted by the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Buenos Aires, Argentina, in conjunction with CAPPE, University of Brighton, and the Cátedra libre Ernesto Laclau examined contemporary trends in transnational populist politics and their resonance in the contemporary neoliberal conjuncture.

The conference consider populist politics as much a reaction to this neoliberal conjuncture, and the reactions to transnational politics that seek to undermine the galvanisation of a ‘people’ against neoliberal and conservative hegemony.

This event was part of a British Academy funded project which aimed to secure a long-term partnership between Argentinian and UK scholars and research centres concerned with the politics, economics and ideology of populist movements of the left in Latin America and Europe. It is jointly hosted by the University of Buenos Aires and the University of Brighton.


Mark Devenney (University of Brighton)
Ian Sinclair (University of Brighton)
Clare Woodford (University of Brighton)
Samuelle Mazzolini (University of Essex)
José Enrique Ema López (Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha)
Jenny Gunnarsson Payne (Universidad de Umeå)
Ricardo Camargo Brito (Universidad de Talca)
Alice Casimiro Lopes (Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro)
Elizabeth Macedo (Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro)
Daniel de Mendoça (Universidade Federal do Pelotas)
María Cecilia Ipar (Universidade de São Paulo)
Vitor Schincariol (Universidade de São Paulo)
Luciana Cadahia (Facultad Latinoamericana de Ciencias Sociales, Sede Ecuador)
Anayra Santory (Universidad de Puerto Rico, Río Piedras)
Diego Hernández Nilson (Universidad de La República)
Stefano Vicentin (Universidad de Urbino)
Rocco Manis (Universidad de Urbino)
Javier Balsa (Universidad Nacional de Quilmes)
Ignacio Pehuén Romani (Universidad Nacional de Quilmes)
Graciela Morgade (Universidad de Buenos Aires)
Eduardo Rinesi (Universidad Nacional de General Sarmiento)
Ricardo Aronskind (Universidad Nacional de General Sarmiento)
Nuria Yabkowski (Universidad Nacional de General Sarmiento)
Gustavo Castagnola (Universidad Nacional de Tres de Febrero)
Jorge Foa Torres (Universidad Nacional de Villa María)
Paola Gramaglia (Universidad Nacional de Córdoba)
Manuel Cuervo (Universidad Nacional de Cuyo)
Luis Blengino (Universidad Nacional de La Matanza)
Diego Baccarelli (Universidad Nacional de La Matanza)
Cecilia Díaz (Universidad Nacional de La Matanza)
Florencia Galzerano (Universidad Nacional de La Matanza)
Susana Frutos (Universidad Nacional de Rosario)
Ana Fiol (Universidad Nacional de Rosario)
Perla Zusman (Universidad de Buenos Aires)
Alejandra Birgin (Universidad de Buenos Aires)
Gloria Perelló (Universidad de Buenos Aires)
Paula Biglieri (Universidad de Buenos Aires)
Dora Barrancos (Universidad de Buenos Aires)
Florencia Saintout (Universidad Nacional de La Palta)
María Antonia Muñoz (Universidad Nacional de La Plata)
Myriam Southwell (Universidad Nacional de La Plata)
Pablo Bilyk (Universidad Nacional de La Plata)
Silvia Delfino (Universidad Nacional de La Plata)
Esteban Chercoles (universidad Nacional de La Matanza)
Gustavo Guille (Universidad de Buenos Aires)
Diego Caramés (Universidad de Buenos Aires)
Luciano Nosetto (Universidad de Buenos Aires)
Diego Conno (Universidad Nacional Arturo Jauretche)
Sergio Morresi (Universidad Nacional de General Sarmiento)

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