3rd December 2015 | Pavilion Parade, University of Brighton

Understanding Radical Politics Today: Theories and Practices of Resistance

Centre for Applied Philosophy, Politics & Ethics (CAPPE) (University of Brighton),
Catedra Ernesto Laclau, (University of Buenos Aires) and the British Academy

This CAPPE workshop invited scholars working in the area of radical politics to discuss and debate the theory and practice of radical politics today. As guests were renowned critical theorists Professors Oliver Marchart and Paula Biglieri.


Paula Biglieri, (University of Buenos Aires) | ‘Radical Democracy or Populism?’

Mark Devenney, (University of Brighton) | ‘Thinking Radical Impropriety: “We won’t fuck for Houses”‘

Anthony Leaker, (University of Brighton) | ‘Jeremy Corbyn as Populist?’

Oliver Marchart, (KunstAkademie, Duesseldorf) | ‘Radical Political Ontologies’

Clare Woodford, (University of Brighton) | ‘Resisting Sense: Aesthetics of Radical Politics’

Guest Contributors

Professor Oliver Marchart researches post-foundational political theories, and is renowned for his text Post-Foundational Political Thought (2007) among many others. His research interests include “post-identitarian” social movements, transnational protest movements, discourse theory and political ontology.

Professor Paula Biglieri is a scholar of discourse theory and Argentinian and Latin American Politics. She has published, among other books, The Uses of Psychoanalysis in Ernesto Laclau’s Theory of Hegemony (2012) and In the Name of the People: The Emergence of the Kirchnerista Populism (2007)

This workshop is part of a British Academy funded project which aims to secure a long-term partnership between Argentinian and UK scholars and research centres concerned with the politics, economics and ideology of populist movements of the left in Latin America and Europe.It is jointly hosted by the University of Buenos Aires and the University of Brighton.

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