Miriam David

27 October 2015


I discuss recent developments in HE and those in feminist critiques of the disciplines and their pedagogies and practices, particularly in the social sciences with a focus on sociology and education. I will also consider the staffing of HE, in particular the lack of women and feminist academics in leadership positions, by contrast with the growth of female students in HE. I will consider how ‘out-of-step’ the two developments of HE and feminist scholarship are. I will also discuss how we might work towards a feminist-friendly future, through developing more critical scholarship around gender-related violence in HE and the laddish culture of HE.



Miriam E. David is professor emerita of sociology of education at UCL IOE. She has an international reputation for her scholarship on feminism, gender and across all aspects of education. She is the author of Feminism, Gender & Universities: Politics, Passion and Pedagogies (Ashgate 2014), and is writing A Feminist Manifesto for Education  (Polity Press 2015) based upon her EU-Funded Daphne programme study on challenging gender-related violence amongst children and young people. She is also editor with Marilyn Amey (Michigan State University) of the SAGE Encyclopaedia of Higher Education.

The David Watson Memorial Lecture Series, 2015 – 2016, What Should Universities Be?

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