8th October 2015 | University of Buenos Aires

Centre for Applied Philosophy, Politics & Ethics (CAPPE) (University of Brighton), Catedra Ernesto Laclau, (University of Buenos Aires) and the British Academy

International Subjects and Emancipations within the Post-Marxist Field

The “International Subjects and Emancipations within the Post-Marxist Field” was organised by the Centre for Applied Philosophy, Politics and Ethics (University of Brighton), and Cátedra Libre Ernesto Laclau (University of Buenos Aires) and marked the launch of the Theorising Transnational Populist Politics project.

Its aim was to gather different colleagues working within the post-Marxist field in an interdisciplinary space of debate.  There was a focus on the politics of populism in Argentina, Ecuador, Bolivia and Venezuela, with scholars from these regions presenting. Speakers included Paula Biglieri (Argentina), Mark Devenney (UK), Javier Balsa (Argentina), Ricardo Camargo (Chile), José Manuel Canelas (Bolivia), María Cecilia Ipar (Brazil), Iñigo Errejón (Spain), Anthony Leaker (UK), German Primera (UK/Colombia), and Yannis Stavrakakis (Greece).

This event is part of a British Academy funded project which aims to secure a long-term partnership between Argentinian and UK scholars and research centres concerned with the politics, economics and ideology of populist movements of the left in Latin America and Europe. It was jointly hosted by the University of Buenos Aires and the University of Brighton.

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