10 June 2015 | Workshop

After the collapse of Marxism as a narrative of emancipation how are we to think liberation today? What challenges are presented by inequality organised on a global scale? Is universal emancipation to be desired or does that wish harbour totalitarian dreams? This workshop rethought emancipation from a range of theoretical and political perspectives. 


Session 1: 10.00-11.15: Sybille de la Rosa (University of Heidelberg) Liberation and the Construction of a New Hegemony

Session 2: 11.30-12.45: Mark Devenney, (University of Brighton) Rethinking Emancipation Improperly


Session 3: 13.30-14.45: Robin Dunford (University of Brighton) Decoloniality, pluriversality and liberation

Session 4: 15.00-16.45: Clare Woodford (University of Brighton):

‘Politics as capacity: emancipation, passivity and stultification

17.00-17.30: Future Research Agendas?


Key Readings to be circulated to all participants

Coole, Diana: ‘Emancipation as a Three-Dimensional Process for the Twenty-First Century

Dussel, Enrique: “An Ethics of Liberation” and  thesis 15 from “Twenty Theses on Politics

Grosfoguel, Ramón: ‘Decolonizing Post-Colonial Studies and Paradigms of Political-Economy

Laclau, Ernesto: ‘Beyond Emancipation

Ranciere, J:’ The Emancipated Spectator

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