6.30pm, 22 November 2011

This paper will examine the status and uses of the crackdown on protest in the UK in recent months. It will examine the ways in which collective subjects are punished by a judiciary that are keen to ensure that any form of group behaviour is treated as both exception and (excessively) punishable rule. There will also be a more speculative discussion of what we mean when we say ‘protest’ and of the difficulty of discussing ‘violence’ when the state and the media has the monopoly on both its concrete and propagandistic dimensions. Dr Nina Power researches and writes about Continental Philosophy, and contemporary politics. She is the author of One Dimensional Woman, has edited and translated Alain Badiou’s political writings, and published numerous articles on a wide range of topics including subjectivity, atomism, protest and contemporary politics.

Nina Power, Roehampton University

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